In the days when Bismarck was one of the great men in Europe, an American lady visiting Berlin was eager to hear him speak. She obtained two tickets for the Reichstag visitors’ gallery and enlisted an interpreter to accompany her. Soon after their arrival, Bismarck rose and began to speak. The interpreter, however, simply sat listening with intense concentration. The lady, anxious for him to begin translating, nudged and budged him, to no avail. Finally, unable to control herself any longer, she burst out: “What is he saying?” “Patience, madam,” the interpreter replied. “I am waiting for the verb.”

Interpretation Services

We distinguish between the following types of interpreting: simultaneous, consecutive, liaison and chuchotage interpreting. Depending on the kind of event that you are planning and the budget that you have at your disposal we will be happy to help you find the optimal solution to meet your requirements.

Simultaneous interpreting


This is the most widespread and at the same time the most comfortable form of interpreting which is normally employed at major multilingual conferences. For each target language there are two conference interpreters working in sound-proof booths. In cases of longer and highly complex conferences more conference interpreters can be organized. They translate the proceedings simultaneously into all other conference languages. This saves time and makes for a very spontaneous and lively translation of all contributions.

Consecutive / liaison interpreting

This mode of interpreting is suitable for negotiations involving a relatively small number of people or for translating short speeches (welcome addresses, after-dinner-speeches, diplomatic receptions etc.). The interpreter takes notes and translates the spoken word consecutively (i. e. paragraph by paragraph) into the target language. This means that the speaking time doubles accordingly. This kind of interpreting should be considered only if there are no more than two languages involved as the speaking time multiplies with each additional language.

Chuchotage (or whispered) interpreting

This is a low-cost version of simultaneous interpretation but clearly less comfortable than the latter and suitable only in very special circumstances. Due to acoustic constraints (and in the interest of the other participants) chuchotage interpreting should be considered only if there are just one or two individuals who depend on interpretation. To prevent a Babel of languages not more than one target language should be involved.

Conference consulting


How should the conference table be arranged to make sure that participants and interpreters alike have a good view of the speaker and the power point presentation? How can you ensure smooth communication between all participants both in the plenary and in the working groups without driving costs to an unacceptable level?

These are just some of the questions that we can help you solve – contact us to benefit from our longstanding experience!

Multilingual teams


Whether you are planning a scientific expert meeting, a European Works Council meeting, the worldwide kick-off event for a Global Player or an award ceremony: We will gladly provide you with a team of highly motivated interpreters who cover all languages that are commonly spoken in Europe. In this context we attach utmost importance to quality, competence and professional appearance.


Conference technology


We co-operate only with renowned conference and event technology providers. This helps you save money and time and ensures that the conference equipment is tailored to meet your requirements.


Translating conference documents

In the run-up to your event we will be pleased to translate your meeting documents, conference programs, menus etc.

Get in touch with us and we will be delighted to submit a tailor-made offer to you!

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